Summer Time

Spring is finally behind us! It has been a long one, so much so that last week we had the longest day of daylight for the year and also a frost. The average temperatures are improving now and the course is really starting to take shape with that. Regardless of the difficult spring the greens have been performing well and are in great health. The tee boxes, fairways and approaches are now on a monthly fertility program which I feel has greatly improved the presentation of the course and has resulted in a reduced height of cut on both the tee boxes and approaches. On the approaches this has improved the definition between the greens, approaches, semi and fairways. On the tee boxes both the reduced height of cut and the use of a growth regulator has resulted in the tees looking better for longer. We are continually striving to implement small changes that will all add up to presenting the best course possible. One area that we are currently struggling is the clover in the semi rough. The clover presence has built up over the past few years and we are currently undergoing the process of treating this. This will take time though as the machinery we have is not well suited to the task, meaning it is a very time consuming job. 
  From left. Stevie, Jack, Craig, Paddy, Neil and Sammy. 

This picture above shows our green keeping team that maintains the course on a daily basis. Over the last 4 years we have really pulled together and implemented a huge change in the way the course is managed with great results. This week sees a member of the team Neil leave us as he follows his heart and joins his family business. I would like to wish Neil the best of luck with everything he does in the future and to let him know he has been an integral part of what we have accomplished at Ponteland. It will not be easy replacing his position but it is vital that we do so to continue progression out on the course. Once again thank you Neil and we hope to see you at the Christmas drinks. 


2 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. Congratulations again chaps! Having been fortunate enough to have played many different courses this season, Ponteland is by a long way, the best. Well done+thank you.

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