Release of the drone.

In 2013 following a successful year, not plagued by torrential rain, the chairman of greens and now current club chairman (Malcolm Sym) paid for the greens staff to go out for a meal to celebrate the season. That night the team were bursting with pride, discussing winter projects and the next years plan. We were reflecting on an intense period when we had tackled the organic matter levels in our greens. I had seen other courses that were blogging and producing videos of the work they had been doing out on their course and we all agreed it was a shame that we had not done the same during such a success story. That night full of fillet steak and beer I went home and ordered my go-pro camera and started a snowball effect that has brought me to my latest video. At first the videos lacked footage that would appeal to anyone but myself but overtime I feel that they are getting better and I hope that they continue to do so. I tend to be one of those people that if I do something I do it to the best of my ability. This basically meant that I was forever driving around the course thinking of new shots and buying new attachments to capture these shots. As well as wanting the best footage, I was also aware that the videos created an opportunity to communicate to the members as to what work and why we were doing out on the course. This lead to the start of the blog and a change in the intended audience of the videos, to the club members. In my search for continually improving the videos I discovered the DJI Phantom drone. I had to fight the urge to buy it though because with buying the drone would come a massive comitment in also buying upgrades and editing software. This year I took the plunge and dived in with both feet, hopefully the improved standard of footage will show in my videos from now on, and here is my first attempt showcasing the type of footage achievable with the drone.

Im still learning but I’m getting better and long may it continue.


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