BIGGA turf management exhibition (BTME)

Every year BIGGA hold the biggest turf management exhibition in Europe. It takes place in Harrogate from Sunday-Thursday normally the 3rd week in January. Attendees can attend many courses, seminars and talks about all aspects of our industry. With 100’s of companies showcasing their products varying from flagpoles to greens machines to fertilisers and the turf professionals this event attracts it is a great opportunity to learn and improve. Myself and Craig attended from Monday to Wednesday to take full advantage of all the show has to offer.

We attended seminars about the following topics

• moisture management using TDR moisture probe

• social media and how to use it to communicate with members

• STRI latest research and results with regards to the sand injection Graden machine

• how to unlock your turfs true potential

• Ryder cup 2014 course set up

• applying pigments to your turf

These are all great for picking up tips and tricks on how to improve the way we mange our course, it also confirmed that we are right up to date with the latest methods and in many aspects actually ahead of the game.

If we weren’t in a seminar we were walking around the show meeting other green keepers and reps from various company’s we use and have yet to. This is where we learn the most talking about management techniques with people putting them into practice or about a new product that a company has been trailing.

It was a fantastic 3 days and we come away from it with new techniques to apply, a list of products to try on the course and an arranged demo of the new john deer pedestrian greens mower.


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