In recent years the server wet weather has highlighted many wet areas around the golf course. Most importantly the greens drainage was all but non existent. With this in mind we created a plan of action to install pipe drainage in greens that needed it.

During winter 2011 using our tractor mounted Lewis trencher in conjunction with our Hitachi 1.5 excavator we set about draining as many greens as possible starting with the most problematic 16th green. That winter we managed to drain 5 greens. Fast forward to today and 10 greens have had new drainage systems installed and the existing drainage on the 11th has been reinstated. This leaves only the 3rd green that may require a small system similar to the 6th but is low priority at this point.

Drainage throughout the course will always be ongoing such as areas like RHS 12th fairway. We are extremely fortunate to have a committee that recognise this and continually provide us with the machinery needed to carry out operations like this in house saving thousands of pounds in the long run as well as honing our skills as green keepers.

Below is a link to a drainage video we created whilst carry out work on the 10th green.


Hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading our blog.

Jack Hetherington


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